Helping an established builder step into a new era of growth and transformation with a dynamic new identity.

3 months
Scope of Work
Brand Identity
Digital Design


SNN Raj Corp looked like they had it all. 6000+ happy customers, prominence in the real estate industry, several cutting-edge projects in the works. But they felt misaligned with their brand identity, and wanted it to reflect the high standards they set for themselves, and resonate with their audience. We got to work.

A name that holds decades of legacy

We conceptualised a wordmark to draw upon the decades long prestige associated with the SNN Raj name. It took the form of a square with well placed curves, signifying the varied paths that SNN Raj is set to take. The modern asymmetrical typeface indicates the versatility in offerings with a more traditional typeface coming in to ground the wordmark and add balance.
It is made to fit any edge and corner of a frame.

The frame flows from type

The frame containing the logo is derived from the font constituting the logo itself. The curve of the S and J form the distinctive curved edges of the container for an organic combination of lines and type.

The frame is a dynamic element; you manipulate and break it in multiple ways for different purposes.

Works with every kind of material, print and use.

Metallic Foil
Embossing on a Textured Paper
Enamel Pin
Colored Acrylic
Stone Carving
Lighting Procedure


The type used is Orleans from Commercial type, a crisp typeface that explores the handmade tradition letterforms created with broad nibs, also drawing from the tradition of calligraphic sans.
Elegant icons were designed, with the kind of strokes & rounded edges that call back to the SNN Raj wordmark & the curves in its container. These were a way to add layers to all comms, and place emphasis on the company's attention to detail.

Design that spans the business

Our detailed brand guidelines covered every collateral, use, and design element —from business cards to website to the name displays of their future constructions.
We veered away from generic photography, using imagery that specifically evoked emotions and connections with the viewer. The images we used strictly followed the rule of thirds, to give every piece of collateral a balanced composition.
The signages were tactile and elegant, using the frame to make even the most basic of signages stand out and look luxurious.

Putting the UX in luxury

With a whole new UI and UX derived from the new identity, the SNN Raj site got a full refresh.
Minor Interactions, showcasing the scalability and consistency of brand visual language.

A new era of growth in construction and design

SNN Raj Corp finally had an identity that reflected its vision and ethos. The path ahead was clear. We elevate design, they elevate life.