A full 180: Crafting the visual identity for a cutting-edge commercial hub in the heart of Mangalore with a rather unique form.

Real estate
6 months
Scope of Work
Brand Identity
Publication Design
UI UX Design

The pride of Mangalore - India's emerging commercial hub

Mangalore hasn’t yet received the attention it deserves as a focal centre of business. This is rapidly changing and this new project in the city’s rapidly growing commercial district is set to accelerate it. Expertise Triangle is the city’s new epicentre of growth and innovation. With its distinct triangular shape and blend of form and function, we had an opportunity to create something unique and contribute to the future of Mangalore.

The positioning and tagline we crafted was...

This defined the brand - from its construction and layout to the design and visual identity that we then built out. We wanted to convey that this would be where tomorrow’s successes originated and flourished, and everything that came next was seen through that prism.

The Vortex of it All

Everything originated from the shape of the project itself.

A triangular layout this unique was uncommon. We wanted its visual identity to be the same. 

As we looked at this project from all angles, we saw facets that we had to consider from a visual, and business point of view. The challenges were unlike others we had faced, and we were all set to experiment and make it work.

The goal is global

The client’s vision for this project was far-reaching. Their benchmark for architecture was global, so our work had to follow suit. This wasn’t a challenge as much as a standard we set for ourselves with every project, but the goal nonetheless was established.

An equilateral decision

The construction’s one-of-a-kind shape was a standout feature amongst projects of this nature. We gave ourselves the task of integrating it into the branding and design. The question then was - how do we go about it?

Facing the future

The construction was cutting-edge. The design was flawless. The project was clearly one that would define future projects to come in every way. How could we crystallise its positioning to reflect that?

We put a lot of time and effort into finding just the right type that would represent Expertise Triangle.

After multiple explorations, we landed on F37 Incise. It was bold, it used the kind of triangular shapes and notches that seemed tailor-made for this project, and it was out of the ordinary while being quite sophisticated. Perfect. The first place we used it was the wordmark for the building itself.

The Mark
Primary Font - F37 Incise
Secondary Font - Rebond Grotesk

The colours we chose were sleek, understated and luxurious.

We kept it simple yet versatile with a series of shades of blue with a luxurious beige to offset them.

Slate Blue

Icons and signages inspired by type.

We used a lot of straight lines, triangular accents, and notches… they all reiterated the standout shape of the project.

Directional Signages

The typeface we chose inspired all our secondary design elements - arrows, icons, and signages. They were all made with straight lines that has the signature triangular notch and accent that was present in the main typeface.

Not only were they self-explanatory and accessible to all, but also reiterated the standout shape of the project in subtly repetitive ways.

A Visionary Brochure

The brochure is where we could really go all out with using the triangle shapes and various formations to create a geometric piece of art. 

Different Strokes

We used a subtle yet standout way to emphasise that the exterior of the project was just as important as the impressive interiors. This was done through the headlines throughout the website, where we dynamically alternated between filled text and stroked text. One thing was for certain, the triangle aspect of the project was striking and beautifully conveyed.

The future of workspaces.
The future of Mangalore.

We took a project that was triangular in layout, contemporary in design, far-reaching in vision and created a visual identity that did the client’s vision total justice. The branding was acutely different from other commercial projects (both in the vicinity and across India), and the simplicity of all collateral contributed to making the message more impactful.

Expertise was happy, we were satisfied with our work, and we made more triangle puns than were strictly needed throughout the course of this project. Now that’s the right angle to look at it from.