Inventory is everything: Designing the look, feel, and flow of a new category-defining app.




Retail Management


3 months



Scope of Work

Brand Identity
Digital Design

Lekhha: A smarter way to handle accounts & logistics

Lekhha is an app made for households and small businesses to manage their inventory, with functionalities for purchasing from local vendors and selling unused inventory built in. 

That’s a lot of features for one single app, and the visual design and UI for the app as a whole and all user journeys needed to be seamless. Enter Parentheses.

Lekhha's primary objective was to make accounting and inventory management simple for households and small businesses.

Its secondary objective was to serve vendors and help in their logistics - be it purchasing from other vendors, managing users, selling extra inventory and the other myriad challenges that they face.

This single app was packed with features and needed clean UI, well organised information, and better functionality than competing apps. We ensured that Lekhha got them all.

Brand Identity

UI/UX Design

Website Design

Papers Please:
Journey of the logo

We set off on creating the logo and realised that what was ubiquitous and unavoidable with inventory management was paperwork. So.Much.Paperwork. We wanted the logo to evoke images of checklists or paperclips or graphs or boxes because nothing screams inventory management and accounting like these motifs.

After multiple explorations, we simplified the logo into a logo that turned the L of Lekhha into a ribbon-like unit that resembled a bent receipt. The logo then extended itself into a flexible design language with this motif at its core.

With all its diverse use-cases, Lekhha was intended to help its users manage their day-to-day with ease, prioritising working smart over working hard when it came to logistics. Hence the tagline "rakho smart hisaab"!

The Lekhha Ribbon

Lekhha's design uses a long twirled paper strip (derived from the logo) as a graphic element. We called it the Lekhha Ribbon, and used it across touchpoints to create a seamless design identity.

Interactions for inventory

Lekhha was divided into three segments; Resource Management, Consumer Connect, and Vendor Connect. 

All these needed to be represented seamlessly and intuitively without any clutter. That's no mean feat!
User flows were documented and shared with the stakeholders, and after lots of back-and-forth, we had about 3–4 iterations of flows for each module. These were then converted into key screens using the design system created earlier, and tested with prototypes.
Then we filled in the gaps. We refined these screens, created the smaller screens in between the key ones, and finally created the desktop web app screens, keeping everything consistent across platforms.

A platform for the platform: A website to explain it all

Lekhha's key motifs of the paper and ribbon were complemented with a library of illustrations to illustrate its various use cases and benefits. We took simple existing illustrations from storyset and modified them to fit Lekhha's visual language, and to convey the nuances so unique to Indian households and vendors.

Smart hisaab success!

At the end of this project, we had a simple and relatable design identity and UI, and a product that was set to change the daily lives of Indian households and vendors.