Crafting a friendly and relateable identity for a unique Gen-Y focused real estate project

Real Estate
2 months
Scope of Work
Publication Design
Digital Design

How could we connect with the specific needs and requirements of younger millenials to showcase these thoughtfully made condominiums?

Y Living had its target audience in the name itself - Gen Y. The homes were built to appeal to their lifestyles and requirements and we aimed to connect with that audience through language & design that they related to.

Speak truth to Gen-Y, & let them embrace it

We focused heavily on the copy, and made it personal to Gen-Y. We understood their specific goals, requirements and house-hunting pain points and addressed them head-on.

A no-BS approach

We understood that millenials have faced some of the toughest challenges when it comes to being stable, settling down, and buying a home. We empathised with them and gave them the answers we knew they would be looking for.

A simple elegance

Our design echoed the project's core USPs, which themselves were tailored to what Gen-Y would want. Simplicity. Comfort. Beauty. Practicality. No unnecessary frills. Through bold colours and relatable content, we aimed to grab their attention and hold it.

We didn't just design a brochure, we manifested a promise to Gen Y — one of connection, conversation, and empathy.

Our client had created a unique niche in the real estate market, one not often seen. We turned that into a publication that we knew would resonate with their core audience.

Bringing the vibe to the web

The Y-Living website was much like its brochure. Bold yet simple. Empathetic yet truthful. Informative yet accessible.


This project was unlike any we've done before, connecting to a very niche audience and stripping down design to create a simple and memorable identity for Y-Living.