How can true biophilic living translate into design? We got to the root of it and found out.

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Creating an identity for Lost In The Woods, a one-of-a-kind sustainable biophilic property in Sakleshpur that focuses on reciprocity with nature.


Lost in the Woods was focused on holistic biophilic living, from going paint-free to strictly maintaining the local ecosystem.

Our approach was to keep this symbiosis with nature sacrosanct.

Flora fauna revised
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We mirrored the project’s grand vision

We used the raw material from the architect as a direct reference for design and crafted an aesthetic and voice that highlighted the closeness to nature.

Architect brochure book opened
Architect brochure book opened

We made basic beautiful

Our design had an abundance of whitespace on which minimalistic elements shone through in bright greens, earthy reds & gritty grays that evoked the project’s eponymous woods.

Cut to the heart

Our language was personal, speaking to those who valued nature over luxury and the environment over comfort, showing them that they didn’t have to choose one over the other.

Architect brochure book opened
Architect brochure book opened

A few lines spoke a thousand words

Our icon set drew inspiration from hieroglyphics and was used throughout the brochure to highlight features without too much text.

leaf illustration

Time to hit the road

Online research wasn’t enough. The whole office took a road trip to Sakleshpur to witness the extent to which nature was integrated into every home.
forest tree
4 persons standing
person holding an small animalsakleshpur road
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white & green brochure
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An elegant brochure that people read almost cover to cover.

We delved deep into the relationship between a person and their environment.
Nature has layers in her construction, and so we followed suit. With origami-inspired folding arrangements for pages, we created an interactive experience for readers.
relationships icon gif
We went all out on nature, using schematics, diagrams and cross-sections of flora and fauna as inspiration for our design.
flats gif
We came up with full-page illustrated compositions that conveyed multitudes within a single page. 
type shots

We learnt how to typeset better and in such a way that the sentences are legible by readers despite their unconventional placement. This was especially a challenge when we were working with a few statistics pages where we had to use a mix of icons, patterns and text.

takeaway white
Fonts used: Black Mango & Alliance No. 1
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better privacy text

One icon is worth a dozen words. We created simple, geometric and instantly recognisable icons that drew inspiration from hieroglyphics. These were liberally used throughout the brochure to highlight the different features without too much text.

Book openedBook Mockup with plant

Most importantly, readers wanted to see and experience Lost in the Woods for themselves.

dry leaves illustration