Building a slick & superior digital experience for a global freight & logistics company


Freight Consolidators




3 months



Scope of Work

Digital Design

Effective, easy-to-use, stunning

Building the website for a global logistics and freight company that was visually appealing, easy for customers and prospects to use, and conducive to meeting business objectives.

A comprehensive process

This sounded like a simple website project on the face of it but was extremely intensive. It needed a comprehensive process including discovery, research, conceptualising, wireframing, and testing. There were also several other challenges that the team had to overcome, including creating a beautiful design while being mindful of diverse user needs. Let’s dive into it.

One of our earlier wireframes.

Fairly technical information and processes were conveyed in simple and straightforward ways to appeal to potential clients.

First, we wrapped our heads around the technicalities of the client’s business and got familiar with the target audience, specific terminology used for international commerce (Incoterms), and the various supply chain services on offer.

Understanding the business was crucial in understanding the specific vision, needs, and goals of the client and in developing a design strategy that would effectively meet them.

Creating a story

While designing the homepage, we wanted to explore how to incorporate transportation elements like cargo planes, ships, and road transportation in a memorable and beautiful manner. To accomplish this, we came up with a story based on Incoterms beginning with a package traveling on a plane, then moving onto a ship, going to a port, and eventually arriving at its final destination by truck.

A very basic story told through frames on the website.

We storyboarded this and converted it into two different types of visuals, one based on real images and another based on illustrations. The option with realistic imagery was chosen, and we worked with a motion design studio to bring this story to life in the form of a cohesive video and incorporated it as a smooth animation on the homepage.

Around the world

For the remaining pages, we wanted to continue the story of going around the world through multiple modes while keeping the visuals as beautiful as the homepage using striking imagery and subtle backgrounds that depicted the open ocean and blue skies.

Representing company branches

When it came to displaying the branches of the company, we wanted to use maps to do it but had to consider the technical limitations of displaying a large number of locations on a single map.
We experimented with different map styles, markers, and other visual elements in order to create a design that effectively conveyed our locations and we were able to create a design that met our goals and provided a user-friendly experience for visitors.
On mobile, we simplified the layout to an expandable accordion section.

The inside look


We now know that when it comes to international commerce projects, understanding and accurately conveying Incoterms and services is crucial. If it needs our team to study the basics of international commerce… so be it.


There’s no better teacher than experimentation. We learned this lesson, especially while playing with different map styles and scroll animations.


These were testing times. When it came to tasks like designing a multi-step quote request form that gathered all necessary information from potential clients to provide an accurate quote, we had to ensure intuitiveness & accuracy. This was accomplished, but not before hours and hours of testing.

Our collaborators for this project

Collaborating with partners like motion design studios can enhance the final result manyfold, so we shouldn’t be stubborn about doing everything ourselves.
Pixemo Studios
Video Production
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