Live, love, build, design amongst nature: Crafting the identity for a unique biophilic property.

Real estate
6 months
Scope of Work

Creating an identity for Lost In The Woods, a one-of-a-kind sustainable biophilic property in Sakleshpur that focuses on reciprocity with nature.


This real estate project came with a real difference. Lost In The Woods focused on holistic biophilic living; from going paint-free to strictly maintaining the local ecosystem.

How could we manifest this symbiosis with nature through design and communication?


We mirrored the architect’s vision

We used all the raw material from the architect as a direct reference for design and crafted an aesthetic and voice that highlighted the closeness to nature, with amenities and specs being secondary.


We threw out all the references

We didn't set out to make this property appear sleek, premium and luxurious. No silvers or blacks, no soaring arches or flourishes.


Make basic beautiful

Our design had an abundance of whitespace on which minimalistic elements shone through.

Bright and light greens, earthy reds and gritty grays created a visual language that was intended to make the viewer picture the eponymous woods that the project lived in.


Cut to the Heart

Our language was personal, contrasting the urban rat-race of the urban jungle with Sakleshpur’s green utopia.

Packed with relevant statistics, information about local flora and fauna, and nature’s impact on every aspect of the project, we spoke directly to those who valued nature over luxury and the environment over comfort, showing them that they didn’t have to choose.

They could have the solace of nature and the lifestyle of any big city.

Time to hit the road.

The entire office took a road trip to Sakleshpur to explore the property! There, we witnessed the extent to which nature was integrated into every home and this led us to create what we did. Our inspiration came from that visit, (and gave many of us some new life goals!)

We could have stuck to online research but we were way too tempted to actually see what we were reading — which sounded utterly fascinating.



Beautiful, simple design that did justice to the kind of architecture that heralds a new sustainable way of living.


An elegant brochure that people actually read through. We’re used to prospective customers flipping through and reading 10-20%, but this was read almost cover to cover. Unheard of.


Most importantly, readers wanted to see Lost in the Woods for themselves. We didn’t hear comments like “beautifully designed” or “well written”. What we heard was “Can I visit?” and “I want to live like this.” Success!

We explored (and rejected) dozens of visual concepts.
We’re not kidding, we really went all out on nature. We used schematics, diagrams and cross-sections of flora and fauna as inspiration for our design.
We delved deep into the relationship between a person, their environment, and everything else within their ecosystem
We came up with highly-illustrated, full-page compositions that conveyed multitudes within a single page.

We learnt how to typeset better and in such a way that the sentences are legible by readers despite their jagged placement. This was especially a challenge when we were working with a few statistics pages where we had to use a mix of icons, patterns and text.

Fonts used: Black Mango & Alliance No. 1

One icon is worth a dozen words. We created simple, geometric and instantly recognisable icons that drew inspiration from hieroglyphics. these were liberally used throughout the brochure to highlight the different features without too much text.