Taking Tradition into the Future with an Innovative Visual Identity, Packaging and Digital design.

Rydon Group
2 months
Scope of Work
Brand Identity
Digital Design

We found just the right balance between traditional and futuristic for a legacy auto components company. For 33 years Rydon had a singular identity; we brought it into the present while respecting its storied past.

By rebranding them, we found the sweet spot between old and new to give them an identity that was modern, but traditionally grounded in who they have been for 33+ years.
In the creation of Rydon's new logo and identity, we tested many many fonts but ultimately used a custom typeface. The aesthetics had to spot on, but function played a huge part — we worked closely with multiple teams to ensure that this logo was working well at all scales, when when engraved on small chains and other components.

Classic navy. Vibrant orange.
Sharp lines. Soft curves.

The colours and font worked to balance extremes, resulting in an identity that looked modern and industrial, with the kind of credibility that a company of this stature deserved.

A new packaging architecture

In the process of our rebranding, we  elevated Rydon's offerings by introducing the brand's new identity with its updated colours, fonts, design elements and photography into its packaging design. We then reclassified their products via a newly created product hierarchy, making them instantly recognisable on shelves.
The new categories of Royal, Premium and Super for a few products were given different colour treatments within a cohesive packaging system that conveyed the different price points.

Clicking with Rydon through balanced imagery

We partnered with a photographer to capture Rydon's values through the right kind of photography for the website. These images made heroes of the products when needed, made heroes of the Rydon team throughout the site, and showcased the company's expansive facilities to capture their capabilities in tandem with the company's human side.

Rydon online

We redesigned the entire website in a record time of just one month! The web design flowed from the identity and packaging; it was simple, impactful, industrial, and easy to navigate.


The new identity was a success, and we learnt how to bring colour and creativity to a highly technical industrial brand. A new category for us and new learnings for the team!