Creating a warm, happy, delicious persona for a UK-based home chef food delivery platform.

Food & Drink
3 months
Scope of Work
Brand Identity

Indians in the UK had to settle for inauthentic Indian food, modified for foreign taste buds

(both in terms of choice of items as well as the style of preparation and spice levels)

Feedzaa wanted to bring authentic regional cuisines to families in the UK

Authentic Indian food was already available through informal means such as whatsapp groups or facebook pages, but the customer base for such cooks was limited.

The process of creating this delectable design

Our aim was to create the right brand identity that would be the perfect garnish for the brand. The brand stood for authenticity, freshness, comfort and joy. The design needed to represent that.

Sautee-ing all the way.

We were inspired by the tossing of ingredients in a pan and created a logo with topsy-turvy typesetting that made it feel that the alphabets were being freshly tossed as we speak.

Readability was our biggest challenge but after multiple arrangements, we found one that worked on all fronts.

The curved lines represented the connection between the home chefs and foodies ordering from them; they were the bridges connecting people. 

Variations of the Feedzaa logo allows for small but impactful ways of expression.

Feedzaa had three key offerings, namely fresh food, nostalgia, and authentic flavours. For this very reason, we created three versions of the logo with small soft-edged graphics that make them look like little explosions of emotion.

Application of colour

To depict the warmth of home cooking. The feedzaa warm red is to be used as the background for text heavy promotional collaterals or social media posts. 
The bright yellow is to be used only as an accent colour to highlight key elements of an icon or illustration.  
A neutral colour that balances the brightness of the red and yellow. Text in neutral grey offers good legibility on the feedzaa red. 

Vibrant, simple and easy-to-understand icons

We created versatile icons that would be appropriate for the Feedzaa platform. Icons designed would guide users while they decided the cuisine they wanted, portion sizes and other relevant details.

The warm and happy design elements were used with wholesome imagery that focused on families, homes, and comfortingly relatable home kitchens. Dynamic elements from all three versions of the logo are placed to give emphasis on the message being conveyed.

The joy we got at creating Feedzaa’s identity was akin to the feeling of eating at a family table, and appreciating a delicious meal that just feels like home.