We are a collaborative design studio that places humans at the heart of all we do. People and the way they interact with design mean everything to us; be it our clients, their customers, our own folks, or the big wide world out there.

We specialise in

Brand Identities


Publication Design


UI/UX Design



Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
Brand Guidelines
Brand Workshops
Visual Identities
Design Systems
Logo Design
Space Design
Art Direction
Illustration & Typography
Content Development
Social Media Planning
Book Design
Editorial Design
Product Strategy
Product Roadmap
Design Audits
Usability Testing
Web Design
Webflow Development
CMS Development
Package Design
Label Design
Material Exploration

We work for clients of all sorts and sizes across the world. We’ve dived deep into different sectors and industries and are hungry to learn about many more, about them all. We’ve tackled all sorts of business challenges and come away with new insights on how to solve them through design. We’ve partnered with creators and founders who want, more than anything, to build brands with purpose, personality, and meaning.

At the heart though lies an unwavering focus to create something timeless and altogether beautiful.

Why we do it

For love of good design, good communication and the satisfaction of seeing an idea spread to thousands (millions!) of people.

How we do it

Big clients don’t matter. Big visions do. Everything we do in pursuit of that vision is then full of collaboration, purpose, and heart.

Who does it

The people of Parentheses love what they do and are phenomenal at it.

Pooja Kumar
Graphic Design Lead
Vignesh Gunasekaran
Webflow Web Developer
Viswanth Gudiwada
Graphic Designer
Krishna Majithia
Client Servicing Manager
Priyanka Khurana
Graphic Designer
Surya Panicker
UI UX designer
Aseem Gautam
Creative Head
Mahek Desai
Graphic Designer
Shreesh Shankar
Founder & CEO
Mohammed Aamir Ali
Business Head
Sharan Srinivas
Srinivas Murthy
Office Support
Lordson Louis
Account Services & Strategy Trainee
Arianth Tejas
UI UX Designer
Arianth Tejas
UI/UX Trainee
Namita Magadum
Webflow and Web Developer
Aaryaa Barve
Brand Strategy & Services Executive
Abhradita Basu
Motion and Graphic Designer
Lordson Louis
Account Services & Strategy Trainee

Thinking strategy first. Designing for business. Having long lunches. Brainstorming continuously. Pushing our team to explore. Traveling together. Laughing together. Leaving our ego at the door. Doing all it takes. Giving people chances. Having big personalities. Driving very fast.


Cut corners. Design for whims and fancies. Get attached to our ideas. Present work we don’t believe in. Push our team to breaking point. Know how to swim. Do spec work. Sleep without snoring. Do last-minute work. Ignore young talent. Give vague feedback. Accept vague feedback. Stop learning.